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Maya Floral by Barbra Ignatiev

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I love flowers. They look great, right? When they are alive, in the nature, soaking up sun and living amongst the bugs.

I’m not all that fond of having a bouquet of flowers on my table. Sure they’re nice to look at. For like 2 days. Then the petals fall to shit. And it costs $15. And attracts bugs that fall into my salad.

In my opinion, nothing is more sad than watching a bevvy of beautiful turn brown and gelatinous. Sure all good things must have an end. I just wish the end came further down the road than 48 hrs.

Perhaps I am not good at keeping bouquets happy though. If you have a tip, let a girl know.

This is why I paint flowers instead. So they live on as art. Pretty glorious glowing art that never dies and rarely turns to poo.

I love the energetic, bright, bold nature of this watercolor. It makes me want to say YES I AM ALIVE.

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