Barbarian Cases: New Year, New Name

2014 delivered a new name for my signature iPhone cases.

Barbarian cases are now here! Protective, bold, and unique. Grrr and roar!

In case you want to know a little bit about WHY I changed the name well here it is…

First of all, “Barbra Ignatiev” is a mouthful and a vowel-full. Some times I forget how to spell my own name. So many dang vowels. What is an Ignatiev? No, there really are only 2 A’s in my first name, not 3. Who am I? What are this?

Ha, ok. I can spell my own name but I imagine others have a tough time.

So I decided in the interest of making things a little easier and cooler, to change to something more memorable but still applicable to who I am and where I want this all to go.

“Barbarian” was the first thing that popped into my mind. Strong and a play on my name, it seemed to just make sense. But, at first, I felt it was maybe TOO strong. Afterall, “barbarian” can have some bad connotations.

I played with a lot of other names and other iterations… some very dumb and silly. I have fun naming things. In the end, I decided, along with input of family and friends, that the bad connotations can play along just fine with the good.

The name “Barbra” (or “Barbara”, the usual spelling) means “foreign, exotic” and that’s just what I think of my cases as. Unique, bold and inspired by wanderlust.

In the urban dictionary, “Barbara” means “Beautiful lady. Voluptous. A mysterious, strange woman.” Yeah, sounds like me. And it sounds like the lady my cases are made for! Ha.

“She’s definitely a Barbara. I’ve never seen anything like her.”

I can’t wait to share new fun cases and wallpapers with you. Expect sass. Expect feathers. Expect color. Expect animals cute and ferocious.

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