Diary / Purging and Preparing for a Cross-Country Move


Over the past few months, Mike and I have been preparing for probably the biggest contiguously-US move anyone could make. Washington, DC >> Bay Area, CA. It’s a mixed bag of feelings for sure. Mostly of the good kind, since we’ve been wanting this for some time now.

When we moved from Milwaukee to DC about 3 years ago that felt pretty frickin’ huge. Huge because most of our family is in Wisconsin and we’d miss them, huge because we had never lived anywhere else BUT Milwaukee.

I cried a fair bit before and immediately after leaving Milwaukee. I just knew things would very much change – a mix of super excitement and like holy shit are we going to find friends and will we lose contact with friends we leave behind? Will DC poison me? Will I absolutely hate it here, with all the suits and the political intrigue? And the helicopters? (I really do like the helicopters. I will miss them.)

Turns out I love DC. Don’t wanna live here forever, but I’ve truly appreciated it. It’s a beautiful town. Seriously lush and lovely and so much to see. It’s a very very unique place and not many people know of it’s inner beauty but I’m glad I got a chance to know it. It’s a gypsy town. Not many people are from here, not many people stay. So many cultures coming together. The friends we’ve made… oh the amazing friends.

It was always a goal of ours to head out west. When he took a job out on the east coast it felt opposite of what we wanted, you know, directionally-speaking. Ha. But what were we supposed to do? Stay in Milwaukee where we were all tapped out of opportunities for the both of us? Fuck no.

It was our hope and dream to eventually transition to his company’s west coast office. AND HERE WE GO.

Right now we’re concentrating on purging all our belongings. So far, we have a few different plans for moving cross-country in mind. All of them involve going with almost nothing since the cost to do a cross-country is ridiculous. We’d rather just get rid of most of what we have and start fresh with new stuff. Here are our options…

ONE – Go out there with absolutely nothing but our bodies, some clothes, the cat and not much else. We would fly via Virgin Airlines or something. With a few boxes of things in-tow. Or ship them via FedEx. I hear that’s cheap compared to a pod. Pods are wicked expensive. You really have to make it worth your while to rent those things. Dang.

TWO – Do a fun road trip and perhaps leave Foo behind with someone, then fly back for her.

THREE – Mike would drive with our stuff and I would fly with Foo. But that makes me a little sad to be apart and not join in the fun road trip.

FOUR – ??? There’s probably some other options we haven’t thought of.


Our plans sorta hinge around Foo and getting her out there. Seriously like it’s been freaking me out since we decided to move. I don’t want her to be uncomfy but she’s gonna HAVE TO be.

Flying is the best option for a cat not used to travel. Just get her there as fast as possible. Expect poo and pee and foaming.

I’ve been trying to take small baby steps with getting her uncomfy, shake things up a bit. We’ll do small trips in the car with her just to get her used to movement. Time will tell if it helps but mostly I just have to GET MY MIND RIGHT with it. Ha. I don’t want to be a crazy cat mom. Too much.

Anyway that’s what’s going on over here in this world. Excitement and transition and unanswered questions. Making art helps me lose myself.