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The flowers are really growing wildly around DC. So many pretty pretty colors – I want to pick them all.

One time when I was on a walk, gazing at the beautiful flowers in the yard of a Capitol Hill home as I do, I realized there were a bunch of men in black suits with earpieces and shades eyeing me suspiciously.

I was eating a brownie and I had obviously stumbled into a situation.

With brownie in my mouth I said “hi” and they just smirked. Oh I take that back, one of the shorter guys, who must’ve been the appointed friendly one and he said “hello ma’am.” (I suspect all the men in black have very specific duties. I don’t know why I think that. I just do. Even down to who gets to be the friendly one and who gets to be Mr. Gruff.)

Just then a suited man, in maybe his 50s, came out of the home with great purpose. He had a suitcase. I think he was a Congressman.

He nodded at me and I sensed I needed to be on my way as the men in black closed in on my periphery.

I’m not one who freaks easily but all those dudes there really does create a… feeling… ya know? Of the severity of things. Like you BETTER BE ON YOUR FREAKIN WAY OR WE’LL MAKE YOU.

For some reason my first thought was to offer them a brownie. You know, like you should offer a good dog. Ha.

But I didn’t. I walked fast and I smiled.

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