Diary : 32 Things I’ll Miss in the Washington, DC Area


Next week we are moving out of the DC area (all the way to the Bay Area), so I thought I’d be all sentimental and do a post of the things I’ll miss about the DC area. Places, things, activities, people.

There’s little organization to this list – just a bunch of things I spewed out in no particular order other than the order I thought of them.

If you get your butt to Washington, DC, look out for these things. There’s so much to see. Don’t just hang out by the monuments. Explore – this is one of the most unique cities in America. It doesn’t get much credit for its uniqueness, I suspect because of the attitudes people have about politicians who live here, but it’s very special.

Look past the politics and here’s what you’ll find. And, most of this stuff is FREE.

  1. United States Botanic Garden – I always go here for inspiration and relaxation. My absolute favorite.
  2. Bartholdi Park – Across from the Botanic Garden. In the late summer, there’s a bitter orange tree that produces the most intoxicating citrus fruits. Mmmm.
  3. Helicopters – So many different kinds fly up and down Anacostia. The traffic never stops and I think it’s pretty cool. No other place in America has this many helicopters, I think.
  4. Secret Service Guys – There is something cool and intimidating about these guys.
  5. President of the United States – He lives in DC, you know. There’s a good chance at some point you can give him a high five. I have nearly run into the POTUS a few times. It’s fun.
  6. Assateague Island Ponies – Wild ponies!
  7. Ocean Beach Boardwalk – a little trashy, but it’s by the OCEAN
  8. The Yards Park – our near and dear neighborhood park. It’s new, it’s sorta remote, it’s “up and coming”.
  9. The Anacostia River – I will miss seeing the wildlife and all the things that this river has brought.
  10. Capitol Hill – A walk up to the Hill gets the blood going. It’s literally A HILL.
  11. American Indian Museum and Cafeteria – Mitsitam is VERY good.  The gift shop is awesome. The museum is ok.
  12. Founding Farmers – I will continue to dream about the Queens Park Swizzle. Try it if you like tiki rum drinks. Succulent food here too.
  13. The Monuments – I mean, where else do you get to see huge versions of American heroes?
  14. District Taco – I will miss the fish tacos. So cheap, so good.
  15. Rock Creek Park – Long huge wilderness in the middle of the city. Some walking paths are also horse paths so you have the potential fun of being run over by a horse! Almost happened to me! Rad!
  16. Embassies and Embassy Row – Homes for diplomats from other places. Neat to see the architecture and decor.
  17. Smithsonian Museums – American Museum of Art and Portrait Gallery is my favorite. I like the folk art area.
  18. Old Bay Wings – Get these at Justin’s Cafe. Get them with a DC Brau beer and a huge salad and you’ve got a MEAL.
  19. Lush Greenery and Big Trees – All over the city. Especially residential areas. So many different kinds of foliage.
  20. Chesapeake Bay Bridge – You’ll go over this huge bridge if you go to see #4. It’s big and it’s neat.
  21. Military Guys with Big Guns – By Marine Barracks. Just standing there. With big guns.
  22. Signs on Plants and Flowers – Plants and flowers in DC let you know what they are, including the Latin name. On the Mall, mainly, but kinda all over the city. I am a nerd for plants and flowers and I like to know what they’re called.
  23. Military Fashion – Haha. Call me weird but I really like how dapper military outfits look. The wonderful people that serve our country just look proud and ready to take on the world. I love it.
  24. Lot 38 Cafe – The coffee shop by us that makes Illy coffee. The owners are adorable and we will miss them. The coffee is always consistently good.
  25. Trapeze School of New York – This was right outside our window. We enjoyed watching people swing from our apartment. I hear trapeze is pretty fun. I get the vertigo so I haven’t tried it.
  26. Toki Underground – Porky ramen. This is not your college ramen. It’s fattening and delicious. You have to wait to get seated – like up to 3 hours! But no worries, just go next door or anywhere on H Street and drink until your seats are ready.
  27. The Arboretum – TREES! A big huge preserve for trees and other plants.
  28. Chincoteague Oysters – Mmm.
  29. Boating on the Potomac and Anacostia – Sail. Pontoon. Even kayak. It’s always neat to be on the water.
  30. Smithsonian’s National Zoo – Hilly and sprawling zoo inside of Rock Creek Park. There’s an orangutan highway where the primates travel above zoogoers to get from the habitat to the enrichment center. I haven’t seen them use it, but always wish I did. Also, there’s pandas here. Get the Zoo app for only $2. Worth it.
  31. Cherry Blossom Festival – Pink pink everywhere! Tourist flock but that’s OK. It’s something everyone of all backgrounds can admire.
  32. Intrigue – When shit goes down in DC it’s a crisis. All types of armed police will swarm on an area at a moment’s notice. There are spies depositing things in bushes. There’s a lot of seriousness going on here and some times that’s fun. If you don’t take the seriousness too serious.

Have you lived in DC? Any you would add? Tweet me (@barbariancases).