Quote: Bless That Which You Want

bless that which you want

Sometimes I get “the pangs”. Jealousy. I see it as a good thing – a true indicator of a deep down desire.

I love this Hawaiian quote I saw in one of the books I’m currently reading, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

“Bless that which you want.”

It means, if you want something that someone has, bless them and the thing that they have. Put good thoughts around it and not bad jealous ones.

The universe is more likely to send that thing to you if you show appreciation for it’s existence in the first place.

I mean, when have you ever wanted to give anyone anything because they cry and whine about it or act aloof about it? Not hardly ever.

Right now, I really want a massage. Sooooo I’m going to walk past that spa on my new block and send it good thoughts and thank it (quietly. in my head. like a crazy person, kinda.) for existing.

Also, maybe I’ll walk in and make an appointment. Because you still need to DO something to make shit happen.

It all begins with a thought.