The Download: Rosie Outlook Floral

Rosie Outlook Floral
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Woo it’s been a hectic month with the moving plans. Things can get pretty stressful. I keep reminding myself that my outlook dictates my outcomes so I better keep my mind right.

Just a few pretty flowers to look at helps pretty thoughts stay put.

This painting evolved very slowly and spazmotic-like.

I started painting big blobs of color one day, walked away to let it dry, then tucked it away and forgot about it.

When I came across the it again I was like “OH this needs grey in the background and black lines to make it pop.” I did that and it was done.

In total, it probably took me no more than 10 active minutes to paint.

Some times painting blobs, forgetting about them, then remembering, then throwing black on it works. Ha!

I love the creative process. You just never do know what will happen.

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