Diary: Living and Working Glamp Style

Pillow pile. Instead of a couch, we have just a bunch of pillows to sit on.

Today celebrates one month in our new space. We have lots of our “old” stuff but did away with most of our furniture in the cross-country move so we are living “glamp-style”, like nomads, until we find suitable new furniture. We are using camp chairs and silk-covered pillows in place of decent seating and using cardboard boxes as temporary tables.

The only furniture we really kept from our previous space was our solid wood kitchen table and our awesome comfy bed. Life would be sadness without either of these things.

Here’s how we’re currently living. Touches of home with a bit of “someone just squatted here” chic. Haha.

2014_07_BTS_campchairchicCamp chair living area – glamping indoors. Honestly, we’ve talked about how frickin comfy these chairs are. They from Target. Our new printer looks like a Storm Trooper and sits on the box it came in.

Painting on the kitchen table. Pretty much the way I did it before.


Tiny mirror for last chance check-ups before one leaves. Very important. I often have kale stuck in my teeth from those healthy smoothies I like so much. (Unleashed Leopard Case)



“Fuki,” our new bonsai we bought from a roadside guy in Napa. She’s a bloomer that creates tiny white flowers. The Anchor Steam bottles hold water for her. (Tap water isn’t great for plants. Let the water sit out for a while and get a little gross.)

We can’t wait to get more plants in our space. And some furniture to sit on and store stuff.

We want to create a tiki surfer beach hut eclectic boho feel. I’ll share more photos as we add stuff. I’m pinning inspiration for our new space on Pinterest.