The Download: Pacifica Blue


Happy Independence Day, almost! Here’s some blue to make you feel vigilant and patriotic.

Many of you will be visiting beaches all across the United States on the 4th of July to celebrate the summer and all the freedom. That’s what my family used to do anyway. On the beautiful duney shores of Lake Michigan.

We’d cook wieners, eat Twizzlers and watermelon. I’d stay in the water for hours at a time. Like a little mermaid.

Now that Mike and I live in the Bay Area, we love to visit the ocean as much as possible.

The Pacific ocean out this way is pretty abusive, I must say. Don’t expect a relaxing beach time at the Pacific. She is windy and cold and sandy and will slap you around.

I imagine the fishes are having a great time down below, though; swimming in schools, partying it up in the deep blue.

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