Diary: Colorful Life

I’ve been painting a whole bunch – trying to add some color to our new place and trying out some new things for future designs.

Some times trying new things is a little painful, sometimes its super fun. Everything is an experiment.

Here’s some shots of what I’ve done, just messin’ around and seeing what comes of it all.

929178_710864352282373_2096295691_nFlower_Dance_Study_1_700outdoor nudey

I’m planning on doing a little challenge for myself, in a more structured way. I have a desire to be prolific and get my work out into the world.

Oh! And my brother Ian came to visit this weekend. He just left and I am now teary eyed. Here’s a fun photo of us on the BART. I look cross-eyed and bewildered. Mike got chopped off a little on the left. Ha.

We had a really fun weekend going all over San Francisco, East Bay and Sausalito.


It was so good seeing him and talking about how life has been for him in the military. He just got back from deployment overseas. Conversations with him make me think about what I do and how I can make the biggest difference for people.

Love you, brother! I’m so proud of you.