Diary: I’ve Got the Red Hot Lady Hives

red hot ladies

I’ve been painting a lot of figures lately. Naked ladies abound over here. I’m trying lots of new techniques and colors and been focusing a lot on drawing the figure again.

I wonder if it’s because I miss my friends and family.

It’s been about 2 months here in California. Starting anew is always draining. Exciting but also draining. We have a lot of stressful things going on behind the scenes here. Manageable, but still stressful.

One day a few weeks ago I noticed blotches on my legs. Oh no – I thought – bug bites? But they got worse and more itchy and started to creep up to my arms and other parts. (Thank god they didn’t come through the nether regions.)

I showed the blotches to my husband – he knew what they were. Stress hives. I’ve never had these things before.

So I’ve been in a lot of pain lately. It’s sucked.

In my hivey research, they say not to exercise because it gets the histamines going. That’s a bummer because exercise could truly ease my tension. They also say to get rid of ALL STRESS in your life. HaHAHA.

So I tried to think of other ways to chill the eff out.

I thought… hmm I could try that meditation stuff. Never tried it before, but lots of people I know do it and talk about it and how it’s saved them. It always seemed a little woo woo to me and quite honestly I didn’t even know how to go about meditating! Ha.

So I did what any smart girl does and googled “how to meditate”.

Turns out all meditation is is just sitting and concentrating on breathing. Not allowing any thoughts to creep in, just focus on your breath. The point is to get rid of the flight-or-fight bullshit that goes on in your head. 5 minutes a day has been helpful to me. I feel a true sense of calm after.

I’m not totally cured of my sexy hives (my husband says I should tell myself they’re awesome and maybe they’d go away) but I can thank the hives for showing me the meditation light.

So here’s a quick tutorial on how to meditate:

1. Sit somewhere comfortably that is pretty quiet. Cross leg position.
2. Optional: Put on soothing Pandora station. (Musical Spa Radio is good.)
3. Close your eyes. Hands on thighs.
4. Breath in through the nose and say to yourself “breath in”.
5. Breath out through the mouth and say to yourself “breath out”.
6. If a thought creeps in, gently shove it away and go back to thinking about breathing.
7. Do that for about 5 minutes. Or however long you wish.
8. Open your eyes and go about your business with your new calm-ass mind.