Diary: 7 Things I’m Aware of Now that I Live in the Bay Area

It’s going on 5 months of life here in Oakland, California. We love it! We never want to move. So far. Here’s a bunch of things that I’ve taken note of so far.

1. It doesn’t rain here.

It’s only rained 3 times in the 4 months we’ve lived here. It does make it a very dusty place to live. I noticed children’s chalk marks on pavement hang around for a really long time. Kinda weird, but it’s nice to have sunshiny sun every day.

2. I never want to be homeless.

Homelessness and poverty is a real problem here. I’ve never been panhandled so much in my life. And, by comparison, Bay Area homeless seem scarier than DC homeless. Anyway, I do feel bad. Not sure what can be done about this… at the very least it pushes me to work hard and never be ungrateful for anything.

3. Most people are not from the Bay Area.

This is probably true for most big city areas. I heard that over a 100,000 jobs have been created here in 2014. And most of the people filling those jobs probably did not live here. Whew!

4. This place is THE place to drive a convertible.

Our little Mazda Miata is sooooo fun. You can just throw that top down and whiz off. We only once nearly got caught in some light drizzle – but were able to get the top up really fast. I did have to invest in a cool hat, though. And sunscreen always stays in the glove compartment.

5. I will not be able to go back and live in a place that does not have palm trees and redwoods.

Waht can I say – I’m a nerd for trees! Someone should study this, but I’m pretty sure the psychology should say that having a palm tree around makes you feel like you are on vacation. Maybe that’s not always a good thing, but I happen think it’s neat. And redwoods are so giant they make you feel small in a good way.

6. Fleas are a big problem.

According to Foo’s vet, fleas are rampant here. His theory, and I might agree – it’s very liberal here and no one wants to “poison” their pet with flea meds. Oh geez. You’d rather your pet get EATEN ALIVE by fleas? Those fackers are terrible. Seriously awful. And they cause other diseases that you’ll have to get medicine for anyway. Come on, people, give your pets the poison!!!

(In all seriousness though – I know some anti-flea control meds are scary and can give your pets some bad bad problems. My vet said Frontline is has been around for years and therefore has been proven to cause less complications. So far Foo has not had any issues.)

7. Pacific sunsets are the best sunsets.

Yeah, it’s frickin ass cold at the beach here, but the colors in the sky are like wow. And we have a sweet balcony that faces the ocean so every night we get to see the ombre effect – so blessed. Come over!