Diary: Go with the Flow and Take the Bull by the Balls

Today I’m thinking a lot about giving myself space. That’s what my painting challenge has been about – giving myself room to experiment and make mistakes. To be OK with whatever happens. Go with the flow and yet know when and how to take the bull by the balls.

The past few months have been pretty rough – I shant lie about it. Remember those stress hives I posted about? Turns out it wasn’t stress hives, it was a reaction to my cat who was being eaten by fleas. I’m actually allergic to her so when she started creating more dander my skin went crazy. It was so terrible. Good news – I now know more about fleas than I ever did. And Foo is not being eaten by fleas anymore.

In the midst of this, we’ve had to fly back to Wisconsin, where we own property, and get it prepared for new renters. We worked so hard that week – cleaning, fixing, raking, running to hardware stores, calling contractors – and the only real break was my cousin’s wedding. What a definite bright spot. I got to see my little nephew for the first time and hoped that another new little nephew would appear (he was 2 weeks late so we did not get to see him in person). The week was exhausting. I feel like the exhaust has been non-stop since months before we moved.

Now, almost 4 months after we’ve moved, things are finally starting to feel more homey and relaxed. I have been painting a ton – filling up our space with colorful creations.

We have a futon! To sit on! Halleluyah! You just don’t realize how awesome that is until you don’t have something to sit upon for 3 months. I was getting really sick of using our bed as a lounge spot. Or the floor. We did it and it was fun for a time. But that couch is soooo nice and leathery.

AND we have a car again! Woo! I’m sorta re-learning how to drive stick. It has been 2.5 years since I’ve really actually driven a car, much less a manual transmission. Plus, driving in California is a whole other thing – more people, more obstacles, more hills, more rules and more crabby drivers.

We went totally California and bought an adorably cute convertible Miata. A deuce coupe. I call it “Juice”.

Yesterday, when I drove it to Dick Blick, I drove around quite a bit in order to find a parking space. When I finally pulled up to a car to back it into the street space I realized HOLY SHIT I don’t know how to put this thing into rear gear. Oooops! Poops.

The guy who’s car I pulled up next to me looked at me like “OK are ya gonna go?” and in smart panic mode I just decided to let the car roll back into the space – afterall, I was on gently sloping hill. I sloooowly rolled back. The dude just eyed me with curiosity. Yeah, man, check me out – I’m creatively parking. Eco-style, not using gas, just gravity. I laughed the entire time.

Ha! So that’s how I parallel parked in California for the first time. Thank you, California hills, for saving me on that one.

Pulling OUT of that spot was pretty silly too.

There was this guy that was hanging out next to the car when I came back. I got in, started pulling out. When I looked back to adjust the car all of the sudden this guy’s big fat butt was RIGHT THERE.

It is a such tiny car so that fact alone made his butt look really BIG – the butt was closer to me than in a typical car. BUT :) then I actually think he decided to bend over on the curb right behind the car after I started to pull away – people are crazy around here. He might’ve wanted a dime or something.