Diary: Dress Up

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Since I’ve been painting more with acrylics, there are a few things that are truly making me happy and it reminds me of something I heard a random artist guy say once.

It’s not necessarily what we do that makes us happy, it’s that we get to play the part.

I’m noticing that I love putting on my grubby paint-covered clothes. I’m noticing that I like finding paint splotches on me. Even in my hair!

I love going to the studio, setting up my easel, setting up my paints, creating colors.

It reminds me of my former art college self – when I painted for fun, and for discovery, not for any other reason. (Ok, well also to do the assignments.)

I had these really bitchin bell bottom mens jeans that I bought at a thrift store in high school. I actually felt pretty sexy in them – I wore them in high school a lot. They were a little slouchy but back in that time grunge was the thing.

Eventually they weren’t decent to wear in public so they were converted to my paint pants in art college. They were even awesomer with paint all over them. Finally, after I couldn’t easily get into them because they had soooo many holes in them, I had to throw them out. (Those holes were ridiciulous. I wish I had a picture of the jeans last days.)

What I’m loving right now is playing the part of a fine artist. I like how that makes me feel. I think it’s a really good indicator that I need to keep pursuing painting daily.

Not sure what my next project will be after Prolific 50, but I know it will still include paint pants and splotch tattoos.