Diary: Things I Learned From Doing a Daily Painting Challenge

OK! My daily painting challenge is over and I feel accomplishment and also a little overwhelm of the “what next” variety. I’ve had the weekend to think about what I’ve learned.

These are my takeaways…

  • Grays and neutrals are important – I need to use more of it
  • Defining values of a painting right away makes for a better painting in the end
  • Shitty paintings are a necessity – you have to embrace the bad to get to the good
  • When I dance around, my paintings are better
  • Starting with a colored ground is useful
  • Disposable palettes are awesome
  • Color mixing is probably one of my favorite things
  • Daily painting is a good way to tell yourself to just experiment and not get too stiff
  • I definitely need more lighting and I am planning on getting my own painting studio
  • Acrylic is my new friend and I’m looking forward to learning more about her
  • I enjoy painting figures. Go figure.
  • I want to concentrate on painting.

So what’s next then…?

I am planning on having an online art show! It feels like the natural next step.

What’s happening with phone cases and wallpapers? Well I’ll be dialing that back for now. Cases will still be available at least through the end of the year. I still enjoy doing watercolors.

For now, I’m concentrating on the new show which I’m planning to reveal at the beginning of December. Yes, that’s fast! But I work fast anyway…

If you want to stay updated you can join my list.

Ok, off to get my paint butt in gear!