Vibrant Lady Interview: Janelle Klander


Hi! Today I want to introduce you to one sassy, vibrant lady that is all about relationshippy things. I think you might like to get to know her because she has a lot of wisdom surrounding being awesome to yourself and others.

I met Janelle in the online world through a program where we became friends. I discovered she’s a fun lass with lots of wisdom to share. (Also we’re both native Midwesterners so that’s a plus!)

She empowers ladies to get out of their own way and live their dreams specifically in attracting a perfect match and moving past a breakup quickly and easily. You know, so a lady can get back to feeling her vibrant self.

Get to know Janelle Klander…

1) Why did you decide to help out ladies (or maybe gents too) with their breakup b.s.?

I had discovered how many people were being held back in all areas of their life when they weren’t moving through a breakup properly. Some people THINK they are over an ex, but they are really still holding on to the relationship. They were telling me they were ready for a new relationship but hadn’t let go of the past and that is a BIG barrier.

Breakups are also good opportunities to make positive changes in your life. You often have to have a breakdown to have a break through and I love guiding this process to move ladies to a better place – often better than they ever thought possible.

2) What makes you feel extra special and sassy?

I believe I’m a good combination of compassionate and challenging. I’m not afraid of speaking up when no one does. I also have compassion for every human, no matter what they have done. Both of these can be helpful for my coaching clients even if they don’t want me to call them out on their BS… they are grateful when I do. ;)

3) What’s the best advice you’ve gotten that’s helped you in relationships?

Your ability to receive love is most important in a long term relationship. I love this advice because it has to do with you releasing your blocks to receiving love – not how much someone loves you. We self sabotage more than we realize. To be in a good relationship you really have to be able to open up and know you are deserving of love.

4) How do you keep things fun and light? For instance, I like to do 10 minute impromptu dance parties (by myself but whatever).

I love impromptu dance parties too! There are two things that really keep me feeling balanced: Acting like a child as much as possible and being in nature. I love being silly and childish as much as possible. My boyfriend is my best child-like playmate- And that is why we are together. I always have a “spot” in nature that is a place I go to recharge. Right now it’s on the shore of the Mississippi since I live 3 blocks away.

5) What’s your favorite thing in your home that makes it feel homey?

My favorite thing in my home is my altar. It’s where I do my morning ritual, meditation, pray and say gratitude. It’s how I’m reminded of what my goals and intentions are. It makes me feel grounded and I think homey.

You can download a Free Chakra Meditation at and get tons of breakup help at You can also keep track of Janelle on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.