The Daily Color Project


The Daily Color Project is my way of keeping myself creating, within certain time and space constraints.

In order to create more and have an exploratory energy in each of these paintings, I’m only allowing myself 30 minutes to create each painting – usually 5 minutes to sketch, 20 to paint and 5 to post. They are all done on a half page of one side of sketchbook paper.

My main focus is to play with color combos and to experiment without the pressure of making something A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The point is to have fun and stay loose and open.

Not all of these paintings will I love right away, but someone may like them and that is why I post them. Often I look back and see something wonderful about stuff I did not like at the time. Art is funny that way.

Every weekday I post the paintings as wallpapers so you can use them to beautify your phone’s background. Make sure you stop back or you can follow me on Instagram to see what’s new.

This project will go on until I fill up a 60-page sketchbook, on both sides of the page. Or maybe forever… who knows.

My mission in life is to help people forge a brave, creative, adventurous life by adding color to their lives. The Daily Color Project is one way to do that.

Enjoy and please share my project with someone who would love a little more color in their lives.