Daily Color #30: Pretty Eyes

I’ve always loved painting eyes. Everyday I spend 5-10 minutes making up my own, adding some creme eye shadow, then powder, then a carefully crafted cat eye which I can now do with one (or two) easy sweeps. Finishing off with brow shadow and a little white highlighter.

It is not until I’ve finished this ritual that I feel ready for the world. Without it, I feel a little lame, a little powerless. Of course, I can still make things happen but it’s the equivalent of forgetting to put on pants and walking out the door. I just feel naked and ineffectual.

Many women might say that I have a crutch. That makeup is something you don’t need but society has made you feel you need to be beautiful. And for many women maybe that is true.

But I don’t think of makeup in that way at all. For me, it is a tool to help me feel more like my true inner self. To draw out what is powerful and purposeful. To let people know I give a damn about myself and, in turn, a damn about things around me.

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