Daily Color #52: Lips

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Lips lips lips. I can’t seem to stop painting them lately and I’m not sure why. Maybe because I don’t do as many selfies as I used to.

I really should do more selfies. There was a time when I IG’d myself to the world every day. But then someone told me “gosh you really ARE the QUEEN of the SELFIE.” And, first of all, I didn’t even know what a SELFIE was at the time. So I had to look that up. Ha. (I live in a hole some times – that’s the way an independent artist’s life can be.)

Then I wondered what this person meant. Did they think I am self-centered? Or are they just making an observation? Because sure, I like taking photos of myself. And I like to share my face. Because I like my face. That’s pretty good, right?

I don’t ONLY care about my face. I care about other faces. I like to see other faces. I see faces every day. On the street, on the tv, on my internet screen. What if the world just stopped showing their face? All the faces, gone. It would be very mysterious and probably not very friendly. We wouldn’t trust each other if we didn’t see each other’s faces. Because there’s lots to tell from a face.

In the end that comment made me a bit self-conscious. Selfie-conscious. So I guess I subselfieconsciously stopped selfie-ing myself. And that’s sorta sad because I enjoyed it. So screw it. Maybe I need to get on my selfie horse again and pout my lips and do other dorky things and forget that people say things.

Maybe you’ll be seeing more of my lips and my eyes and my face in general. :) For now, download these lips I made up.

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