Diary: Be Brave

be brave
I must admit something to you. For a long time I was scared like a tiny baby.

I was collecting beautiful sketchbooks and all kinds of art supplies but doing absolutely nothing with them. I would open a sketchbook, stare at the blank page for 10 minutes, get frustrated with myself and then write something stupid in really bad handwriting like “Boo Boo it is time to go to bed.” And then I would shut the book and throw it on the floor. (Boo Boo being my kitty cat who sits next to me in bed.)

Haha. I still have that thing I wrote. It’s hanging in my office with a piece of tape. I should frame it. It makes me laugh.

It is such a sad time, though, being scared to make stuff. Being unsure on WHAT to make. Knowing you want to make stuff but then just feeling so lost and not knowing if it’s even worth it. I mean, this was me for years and years.

Lately I’ve had people approach me that think I’m like so brave and really doing stuff but I still have those times where I am so stuck on what to make and where to go next.

It may help to know that everyone starts at the point where they don’t know what the eff they are doing. Even Beyonce and Jay-Z! Ha. That’s just part of being human. Feel the fear, dudette, but do it anyway!

“Be Brave” are the words lately that keep on popping up in my head. Whenever I feel freaked out about something, I just think these words and I calm down like tenfold. I realize that I DO have it in me to make awesome things happen.

I’m gonna keep smackin it like I don’t care. You just watch me! And also Beyonce!

i know you care beyonce
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