Diary: Life Lately

fashion_doodlesIt’s been a while since I did a behind-the-scenes post. Life lately has been productive and colorful.

Foo and my new biznessss cards.

Tiki cocktails on our balcony is the way to see a Pacific sunset.


I did a Live Painting Session on Google Hangout. It was fun but I was looking for a way to be more interactive with viewers, like a chat window. Will have to try experimenting with other things. Here’s a recording of it on YouTube, which at one point features the time when Foo met Seville for the first time. Cat fight!

One of these days I will have to figure out how to allow people to jump to highlights in the video so they don’t have to watch the whole frickin rebroadcast. I know I’ve seen this done before. I’m sure there’s a YouTube tutorial out there too :)


“Seville” was a wild and seemingly homeless kitty that took over our apartment building last week. Everyone had something outside their doors to take care of him – food, water, tuna cans, and a cardboard box lined with a cozy towel. He was the sweetest guy, still had his man parts and was less than a year old. I took him to a vet to have him checked for a microchip but he had none.

I guess feral kitties are pretty common around here – people either move and leave them or they are born feral. Because Oakland rarely gets cold or hot, homeless life is “easy” out here, relatively speaking. Anyway this guy did finally get taken to the ASPCA by a neighbor and hopefully will find a good home.

We would have liked to take him in, but we already have Foo and she was not super thrilled with him.


Mike and I made it to the Pacific Ocean last weekend for brunch overlooking the blue.