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PAISLEY MERMAID Rose Gold Fish Scales

This rosey and golden paisley mermaid pattern makes me feel feminine and shimmery. Like the start of a new hopeful year of more love and less bullsh. May you find joy in the little things this holiday season and may the new year be filled with lots of mermy, sparkling vibes. I believe next year […]


VENUS DE MER Aqua Mermaid Scales

Emerge forth, oh goddesses! You are the spirit and the life force on this planet. Like a Venus of the sea you offer an abundance of grace and inspiring vulnerability. Let’s dance to the beat of giant clams opening and closing, creating bubbles of happiness as we go. — — — — — — See […]


PEACOCK MERMAID Nautical Scales and Feathers

Peacocks. Who can get enough of them? Well they do have a loud voice but they sure are pretty. For a dude. I like the idea of the combo of feminine/masculine in this mermaid hybrid print. Feathers & scales – all wonderful exterior protection. — — — — — — See More + Shop by […]


UNDERTOW Coral Mermaid Scales

Feel your feels. Let them take you under. Or over. Or side to side. Mermaids are the best at this. We speak our minds, we feel our feelings. This loosely painted peachy mermaid print reminds you that vulnerability is actually a marvelous power. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store […]