Hello. I’m Barbra.

I am a print designer that creates watercolor paintings and patterns that capture movement and a bold spirit. I like to think of my art as a pep talk for your eyes.

Creating things with others that honor who they are and what they want to accomplish is one of my favorite things. I believe color has a huge impact on mental health – I know it does for me. If I am not wearing or surrounded by some delightful combo of colors I feel very blah and uninspired. Through my art, I want to inspire you to reach bigger and be bolder.

If you could use a pep talk, let’s talk.

I am based in Oakland, California with my husband, Mike, and our cat, Foo. We grew up in Milwaukee, WI, lived in Washington, DC for a few years and are now settled in California. Ours has been a long story of reaching for big dreams.

Daily Color is my daily exploration of color and movement. Each day I share a new downloadable wallpaper for you to enjoy and be inspired by.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Barbra grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lived in Washington, DC for two years and is now based in Oakland, CA with her husband and cat. She attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration.

Before setting off on her own to build Barbarian, she worked as a designer at many in-house design studios in the party, craft and fashion industries. She managed production of million-dollar trend-forward product orders under very tight deadlines.

When she’s not busy creating art, she is taking road trips around California with her husband in their cute little Mazda Miata.

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