About Barbra

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I now call Oakland, California home with my husband and my cat and all my eye shadows. Previous to living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I lived in Washington, DC for two years – a lush and beautiful place full of history and lots of color.

When I’m not splashing around with watercolors with my cat Foo by my side, you can find me dancing to funk music, painting my nails wild colors, mixing a fine cocktail, jotting down goofy thoughts, talking to my cat, hoop dancing in the park or exploring the Bay Area with iPhone in hand, ready to capture inspiration.

Barbarian was started as a fashion iPhone accessory brand in August 2013. I also offer original artwork through my daily painting challenge.

Barbarian cases are limited edition bold and colorful phone cases for the wild-at-heart. The unique designs are produced in small batches of 25-100 and new designs are released monthly.

About my inspiration for the line…

“I started my line of iPhone cases because I could not find cases that appealed to me that also felt protective and yet slim. These days your phone is something you have on you all the time and I wanted my case to feel quirky, bold, bohemian and edgy ~ something that reflected me personally. Since owning my very first phone, (back then, a Nokia flip phone!) I would create pretty wallpapers and themes to make it feel my own, clumsily hacking code to make things work. Something about adorning the technology I communicate with has always appealed to me.

My cases offer beautiful, lightweight, and awesome protection. I think you’ll vibe on them as much as I do.”

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