About Barbra

I am a painter originally from Wisconsin, but now living in the Bay Area.

We moved here because we always wanted to live in California – the weather, the flora, the fauna, the ocean and new opportunities are all reasons why.

I like to paint colorfully and expressively and this is a story I want to tell you…

When my husband and I moved from our childhood home of Milwaukee, WI, to Washington, DC in 2011 we moved with a lot of stuff, we realized later, we did not really need. It was a bit silly, moving into a space a fraction of the size with all the stuff we had.

So when we moved to California in June of 2014 we decided to do away with most everything we own, making our move cheaper. It was truly a fresh start that helped us go back to an even more pared-down simple way of living.

In Oakland, we lived in a near-empty apartment for months. No couch, no chairs, no art, no nuthin. I truly felt like a modern gypsy. It sounds a little romantic, and yes it is, but…

It was a little depressing living in a white box for so long. Ha. Being away from friends and family made it even harder.

And that’s when I realized… you can love a good adventure, but you still need to feel the comfort of “home” after the adventure’s over. A person needs to feel a claim to a space, to feel like you belong somewhere.

So I picked up a brush and got busy painting to fill our new home with character and homeyness. I would paint on IKEA boxes and random bags and cardboard, because that’s all we had at first. Plus, it was fun to make something out of nothing.

Our apartment is still a work-in-progress but it is becoming a place that is ours. It is a place we love to come back to after an adventure and says something about who we are.

Thank you for stopping by. My hope is that my paintings bring you what you are seeking – relaxation, energy, comfort or any of one of those wonderful emotions color can bring.

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