PEACOCK MERMAID Nautical Scales and Feathers

Peacocks. Who can get enough of them? Well they do have a loud voice but they sure are pretty. For a dude. I like the idea of the combo of feminine/masculine in this mermaid hybrid print. Feathers & scales – all wonderful exterior protection. — — — — — — See More + Shop by […]


UNDERTOW Coral Mermaid Scales

Feel your feels. Let them take you under. Or over. Or side to side. Mermaids are the best at this. We speak our minds, we feel our feelings. This loosely painted peachy mermaid print reminds you that vulnerability is actually a marvelous power. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store […]


AZTEC MERMAID Tribal Scallop

Perched between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean is where the ancient Aztec mermaids thrived. They slithered like iguanas from one body of water to the next, enjoying corn tortillas and fermented agave drinks. And they were super pretty, not unlike an iguana. — — — — — — See More + Shop […]


PAISLEY MERMAID Watercolor Scale Pattern

I recently found out I like paisley. I resisted it for a long time and then finally was like “Dammit this paisley stuff is great. They look like cute little zygotes.” Get squirmy with this mermaid scale pattern. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric […]