FAN OUT Tropical Palmetto Floral

I just love the sound of a palmetto leaf when you touch it. They are so huge and magical – I love to give them a tickle so they make their wondrous, soft sound. — — — — — — See Much More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric  


DATURA DREAMS Watercolor Floral

You haven’t lived until you have been treated to the smell of Datura. The intoxicating smell pervades the air around my home at dusk. These are poisonous night bloomers that hang down and hang loose. — — — — — — See Much More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric  


PLEASURE POINT Tropical Watercolor Floral

This print was inspired by a photo I took in Pleasure Point. It’s a surf spot in Santa Cruz that’s sorta cliffy with a beach walkway. I enjoy wandering around – smelling salty breezes and taking photos of flora – while my husband gets his waves in. — — — — — — See Much […]


LUSH FREEDOM Watercolor Palm Print

Saying NO to what you don’t want is sooooo important in life. It opens you up to marvelous freedom-loving yeses. This lush and wild palm print was painted on a day when I said no no NO WAY. And yes yes YES to my desires. — — — — — — See Much More + […]


PRETTY BIRD Floral Parrot Watercolor

Parrots and flowers. Parrots and flowers. I could paint them all day, every day. This wild and colorful print celebrates them both in a very loose and painterly way – pencil marks included! — — — — — — Watch the Making-of Video — — — See Much More + Shop by Store Society6 | […]