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Tropical Drink Recipe: The French Polynesian

I know a thing or two about tiki drinks. I love the old standbys of mai tai, grog and painkiller, but one of my favorite things to do is come up with new drinks. Usually this is out of necessity… meaning, we are out of certain ingredients to make a classic. (Many tiki drinks require […]

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Diary: Things I Believe

Damn. I cannot believe. We have been in California for a year now! I’ve been thinking a lot about what this past year has been about and I thought OH HEY I’ll make a list of some things that spring to mind. Because lists and getting things out of your brain is very healthy. — […]

Diary: Be Brave

I must admit something to you. For a long time I was scared like a tiny baby. I was collecting beautiful sketchbooks and all kinds of art supplies but doing absolutely nothing with them. I would open a sketchbook, stare at the blank page for 10 minutes, get frustrated with myself and then write something […]

Diary: This is the Only Ramen Recipe I Will Ever Need in My Life

OK Ramen is not the easiest thing that one can ever make but it certainly is worth it. I was first introduced to ramen when we lived in DC. Well, actually, roll that back – in high school – but that was the shitty 10 cent ramen young people only ate to survive so they […]