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5 Apps for Successful and Anti-Stressful Apartment Hunting

We had a challenge ahead of us. Find an apartment. In the Bay Area. Within our budget. In a week. That we’ll call home for the next few years of our lives. Yikers. Finding a place in one of the most, if not THE most competitive places currently on planet Earth was pretty nerve-wracking. Awareness […]

Diary : Nothing is Precious Except Baby Taco Meat

The futon was Mike’s first bed. Foo liked to lay on it, especially in the crevice, like the meat in a taco. I would call her “baby taco meat” whenever she would do this. It’s now with another owner. A jovial gentleman named John who said it would be perfect in his cabin in West […]

Diary / Purging and Preparing for a Cross-Country Move

Over the past few months, Mike and I have been preparing for probably the biggest contiguously-US move anyone could make. Washington, DC >> Bay Area, CA. It’s a mixed bag of feelings for sure. Mostly of the good kind, since we’ve been wanting this for some time now. When we moved from Milwaukee to DC […]