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Daily Color #101: Monterey Bay Stripes

Bright dabs of color on this lovely dismal Northern California day. I feel like I may be getting sick, or else, the gallergies (allergies for girls) are taking hold of my body. Either way, painting these dabs was good medicine. The name is inspired by my cousin Tasha, who has been hanging out with us […]


Daily Color #93: Beach Ponies

I’m in NYC today, probably talking about ponies! It’s part of a secret big project :) My favorite ponies are the wild ponies on Assateague Island. If you are ever on the east coast, near Maryland or Virginia, check it out! And for gosh sakes don’t try to pet a pony. They are jerks and […]


Daily Color #92: Private Island

A private island does sound romantic; however I would want someone to know I was there and have an easy way to get the heck off. Which means I would also need my own private yacht or sailboat. If I was to be stuck on my own private island I would want a floppy hat, […]


Daily Color #91: Moroccan Ikat

Shop Art Prints + More Moroccan Ikat Pencil Skirt + More   There’s this awesome Moroccan wares shop by my gym that is delightful for window shopping. All the colors get me pepped for a nice give-it-all-you-got workout. – – – – – How to Download & Set // Terms of Use