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Daily Color #83: Flamingo Horizon

Wouldn’t you love to head out into the Flamingo Horizon? Next time I’m at the beach in a pink bikini I want to stop at the water’s edge, stand with one leg bent up, and say with great drama, “I’m headed out to the Flamingo Horizon!” Then gracefully wave my arms and splash in. Might […]


Daily Color #77: Wild Garden

Shop This Art at Society6 Shop This Art at Redbubble Aw yeah another crazy colorful garden print. I’m really good at these. My recipe goes like this… Step one: Pencil in a bunch of round shapes and some leaf shapes in like 2 minutes. Step two: Add some pink and a dash of red. Step […]

Daily Color #76: Coiled Snakes

  It is pretty often that I don’t remember the actual names of things so I just make up my own names for them. One of those things is a “coily”. One day I was staring at an illustration of a snake with my husband and I was like “HEY! Look at that cute… ummm… […]