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Daily Color #76: Coiled Snakes

  It is pretty often that I don’t remember the actual names of things so I just make up my own names for them. One of those things is a “coily”. One day I was staring at an illustration of a snake with my husband and I was like “HEY! Look at that cute… ummm… […]


Daily Color #74: Have a Stroke

Shop This Print   Bleedy blobs of color, that’s what this is. I know that doesn’t sound appealing, but I sure do like it. Some times I just love the simplicity of seeing a bunch of colors next to each other with no real agenda. Not trying hard, not trying to be anything but itself. […]


Daily Color #72: Seagulls and Stripes

Shop This Print Saaaaailing takes me aaaaaaway to where I’ve always heard it cooould be. Have you heard of that Christopher Cross song, Sailing? If you are younger than me, maybe not. I remember my mom doing aerobics to that song in a leotard. I would join her, also in a small sized leotard. She […]