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Daily Color #62: Palmetto Tropics

  I’m not into playing jokes on people. I like jokes, I like being goofy. But I don’t like being a jerk to people by making them look like fools. So I paint happy palmetto leaves instead. Happy April Fool’s Day. I hope it is actually happy for you and you aren’t made a fool […]

Daily Color #59: Smearkat

  I haven’t done an animal print in a while so I thought I’d try something inspired by a meerkat’s coat. They don’t have a really defined pattern, but only a few stripey things on their backs. This one got smeary and bleedy, hence the name. Have you been hearing about the new Meerkat app? […]


Daily Color #58: Tropical Rhythms

More and more colorful things are popping up around Oakland. I am amazed at the diversity – from redwoods, to palm trees, and all the colorful flowers you can imagine. click through to download this wallpaper… (more…)

Daily Color #56: Coconuts

  I have been eating so much coconut stuff lately. For instance, the other day I had coconut lemongrass curry with painkillers (a coconut/pineapple cocktail) and young coconut for dessert. We didn’t really set out to have a meal almost completely consisting of coconut – it just sorta happened. You know – haven’t you ever […]