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I’ve made the conscious decision to look up more. I realized I do a LOT of looking down – at my phone, where I walk, while I’m painting. What if we all just looked up a little more, at the green canopy? You might see really cool, amazing shit like a falcon or a random […]



Find me on the beach any given afternoon – it’s my favorite time because the sun is cooling down and the sky flashes in colors of pink, peach and yellow. Intoxicating, like the smell of a lily. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric   […]


Mystical MERMAID DAYDREAMS Watercolor Scales

Being a mermaid, I like to keep things glistening – something about the glimmer makes me feel dreamy and light. This spiritual-ish scale pattern is sure to take you to that underwater dimension… without drowning or getting lost in a current. Float along. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store […]



Sometimes life doesn’t work out how you intended but it always comes out sweeter when look at it as all one big game full of fun-ass challenges. Much less prickly that way. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric    



Take a vertical dive into the clear aquamarine sea with this ikat feather print inspired by seabirds. They really go for it with such fierce finesse. You can too. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric