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Mystical MERMAID DAYDREAMS Watercolor Scales

Being a mermaid, I like to keep things glistening – something about the glimmer makes me feel dreamy and light. This spiritual-ish scale pattern is sure to take you to that underwater dimension… without drowning or getting lost in a current. Float along. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store […]



Sometimes life doesn’t work out how you intended but it always comes out sweeter when look at it as all one big game full of fun-ass challenges. Much less prickly that way. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric    



Take a vertical dive into the clear aquamarine sea with this ikat feather print inspired by seabirds. They really go for it with such fierce finesse. You can too. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric      



Be careful and be aware of who feeds your brain. We are all, all the time, brainwashing each other – it’s just how humans are wired. The nice word for this is “influence”. Question it all. And, dudelady, question your own thoughts and words and actions. Keep your brain washed in happiness and joy, even […]