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Vibrant Lady Interview: Janelle Klander

Hi! Today I want to introduce you to one sassy, vibrant lady that is all about relationshippy things. I think you might like to get to know her because she has a lot of wisdom surrounding being awesome to yourself and others. I met Janelle in the online world through a program where we became […]

Inspiration :: Kelly Thompson… You’ve got a Thing in Your Hair

I like hair. And girls are pretty. Put those two together in a whimsical, imaginary, colorful world and you’ve got me. Kelly Thompson’s work is so charming. If I could put birds in my hair, I’m pretty sure I would. Well, perhaps a drawing of that would be much more comfortable for everyone/thing involved.

Must Read for Creatives :: Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

This is the a$$-kicking you may need right now. For free! I heard about Do the Work from the lovely Marie Forleo. It’s full of insight on how to push past common creative roadblocks like ummm…naysayers, junk in your mind, comparison. Crap like that. Spoken plainly and with plenty of sass and spunk, Pressfield’s writing […]

Inspiration ~ Cate Parr

  I’m in awe of the work of England native Cate Parr. The color combos and use of blurry watercolor evoke sensuousness and hidden wonder. Makes me want to get out those paints right now and let colors slide into one another. Sexiness alert. It’s been awhile since I’ve painted a sexy lady. Perhaps it […]