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Inspiration :: Douglas Bicicleta’s Rebel Girls

I’m a surface designer. I put color, pattern and cute characters on just about everything. BUT myself. I have no tattoos. Is that weird? Should I get one? And, what could that possibly be? Being a Gemini, I’m always changing my focus and my taste for things. I’m a variety girl. Is there anything constant in my life that I’d be willing to etch into my skin? Hmmm…

These illustrations from Douglas Bicicleta of Brazil are some sexy rebel lady portraits. I’m in awe of his color palette, and, of course, use of pattern in his drawings.

OK, this is not a girl. It’s a cow. I liked the colors and topographical patterny look.

But this IS a rebel girl. AND a cow. With a tattoo. FTW!


Working on finishing up the pattern for the ladies over at All of Us {r}evolution! Should have the next pattern development steps up for you soon.

I’m also working on a secret project. Shhhh. It’s going to be something super helpful for artsy-types. That is all. :)

Must Read for Creatives :: Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

This is the a$$-kicking you may need right now. For free!

I heard about Do the Work from the lovely Marie Forleo. It’s full of insight on how to push past common creative roadblocks like ummm…naysayers, junk in your mind, comparison. Crap like that. Spoken plainly and with plenty of sass and spunk, Pressfield’s writing style reminds me of Seth Godin’s.

Marie recently interviewed Steven Pressfield and here’s where you can find the YouTube video.

Get the ebook while you can! It’s free on Kindle for a very limited time! (A $12.99 value!) Do eet, do eet, do eet!

Inspiration ~ Cate Parr


I’m in awe of the work of England native Cate Parr. The color combos and use of blurry watercolor evoke sensuousness and hidden wonder. Makes me want to get out those paints right now and let colors slide into one another. Sexiness alert.

It’s been awhile since I’ve painted a sexy lady. Perhaps it is once again time? Well, if I do so, you’ll be the first to know.




Now living in Los Angeles, Cate has an etsy shop stocked full of gorgeous prints to buy. You’ll have a hard time deciding which ones pick up, so you’ll probably just click off after the terrible indecision plagues you. Just sayin…

PS: This inspiration bleeds over into the next fantastical project I have to tell you about! Well, but not just yet. By the end of the week I’ll spill all, though, I promise.


Inspiration > Harajuku Lovers Prints & Bags


This is why I love Gwen. She knows the power of pretty, adorable print. I’ve been a fan of the Harajuku Lovers line ever since it launched in 2005. Yes, I have never really grown up.

You can imagine how much I freaked when I saw these bags at the store. Hoops! Love! Angel! Music! Baby!  Of course, I purchased what they had in stock ~ which, thankfully, wasn’t much. (This is the 50’s Girls print.)


I’m also in love with the line of makeup bags at Sephora. Tell me, how can one not feel elevated cute-wise when looking at them? Color and characters create POP.

PS: I might be away for a while. I’m working up a new home on the web! It’s going to be colorful, cheery and fully-featured, baby! I also have a few client projects in the hopper too. A busy, lovely time. <3

pretty desktop background for sharing ~ pop flower

I made this desktop background for myself so I thought I’d share. It celebrates the warm & bright days that are nearly here, thank gosh. It’s a bit of a concoction of darks and lights, like this changeover that’s happening with the seasons. Muck on the street, sprouts of chartreuse grass popping up in curious places. That forgotten red mitten soaked by a dirty, thawing snow bank.

I saw a puffy robin the other day with a mouth stuffed full of worms and my heart swelled full of giggles. I think he may have even winked at me, and, if he had had a top hat on, would 0have tipped it to me.

It was an especially frustrating day for me, so that robin was the recharge I needed. I thought I’d pass on his good will by sharing some happy, boastful color with YOU. Pass it on, I say. Pass it on.

Many a good day to you, good sirs. (And gooooood madams.)

Download it here:

1920×1080 desktop background