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pretty desktop background for sharing ~ pop flower

I made this desktop background for myself so I thought I’d share. It celebrates the warm & bright days that are nearly here, thank gosh. It’s a bit of a concoction of darks and lights, like this changeover that’s happening with the seasons. Muck on the street, sprouts of chartreuse grass popping up in curious […]

new design ~ Playful Paisley

I have  a new squirmy design available at Alluminare! It’s a paisley, and although I don’t normally love paisley, I loved designing this one. Each bit of paisley seems to have a life of its own, moving amongst flowers big & small. Of course, I had to make it have some element of cute. The […]

designing through my funk

I’m not sure if I’m feeling the end-of-winter blues or what but the past few days have felt morbid to me. I decided to work through it by designing what I’m feeling and where I’d like to be, emotionally.  I wanted to keep it simple and get back to basics ~ pop-like florals to contrast […]

new work ~ disco-inspired cuteness

“last night a hoop saved my life” Here’s my latest work on shirty shirts for hoop dancers. I’m digging the disco vibe, actually. It’s retro and kitsch and glittery and, WELL, just fantastical fun. Without glitter in my life, I think I’d be next to death. This statement is pretty true for me, although melodramatically […]

the cute boot

Meet my new winter boots. They’re called “Bogs”. Yes, they are labeled as “agricultural boots” but I am a tomboy at heart and like to get dirty every so often. Whilst still being pretty. It’s a chore but I do it somehow. Initially, I had been looking for boots that were fluffy and seriously leather […]

surface pattern inspiration

This pattern (Crooklyn) is adorable and it’s from Kimou Meyer, aka Grotesk. I stared at this for a good portion of the day, while sitting in the sun. It was perfect therapy on a cold day. Whimsical, silly and sardonic, there’s so much in this print to smirk about. I found it in this book… […]

go pack go ~ pretty superbowl brownies

Of course I couldn’t resist making my Superbowl brownies pretty. If I have to watch a football game, I’m going to do it with a little style and cuteness. And, being from Wisconsin, I might as well try to step things up a bit and cheer on the Pack in the best way I know […]