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pretty desktop background for sharing ~ pop flower

I made this desktop background for myself so I thought I’d share. It celebrates the warm & bright days that are nearly here, thank gosh. It’s a bit of a concoction of darks and lights, like this changeover that’s happening with the seasons. Muck on the street, sprouts of chartreuse grass popping up in curious places. That forgotten red mitten soaked by a dirty, thawing snow bank.

I saw a puffy robin the other day with a mouth stuffed full of worms and my heart swelled full of giggles. I think he may have even winked at me, and, if he had had a top hat on, would 0have tipped it to me.

It was an especially frustrating day for me, so that robin was the recharge I needed. I thought I’d pass on his good will by sharing some happy, boastful color with YOU. Pass it on, I say. Pass it on.

Many a good day to you, good sirs. (And gooooood madams.)

Download it here:

1920×1080 desktop background

new design ~ Playful Paisley


I have  a new squirmy design available at Alluminare! It’s a paisley, and although I don’t normally love paisley, I loved designing this one. Each bit of paisley seems to have a life of its own, moving amongst flowers big & small. Of course, I had to make it have some element of cute. The design, I feel, is sophisticated & modern and adds just enough “oomphiness” to a room. Just imagine the all possibilities :) (warning ~ you prolly can’t)

The design is available on everything from pendant lamps, throw pillows, wallpaper and straight-up fabric so you can make your own creations! Color options are nearly endless and can be addictive to play with. (I had to force myself to stop.) Alluminare does an amazing job with their online creation tool and everytime I use it, it seems they have made more improvements.

Here’s some more of my fave colorways & products which, wonderfully enough, can be purchased here.


Can you tell I like color and to mix neutrals with blasts of brightness? It’s my fave.

Hey, do you like me? Well, now you can like me. (Publically.) Thanx.

designing through my funk


I’m not sure if I’m feeling the end-of-winter blues or what but the past few days have felt morbid to me.

I decided to work through it by designing what I’m feeling and where I’d like to be, emotionally.  I wanted to keep it simple and get back to basics ~ pop-like florals to contrast with neutral stripes & rain “dots”.

I keep peeking back at the bouncy floral from time-to-time and most likely will make a desktop wallpaper out of it. It’s like wonderfully cheery FREE color therapy.

Thank gosh ~ only a few more days left to winter! And more travel next week <3

new work ~ disco-inspired cuteness

last night a hoop saved my life

Here’s my latest work on shirty shirts for hoop dancers.

I’m digging the disco vibe, actually. It’s retro and kitsch and glittery and, WELL, just fantastical fun. Without glitter in my life, I think I’d be next to death.

This statement is pretty true for me, although melodramatically true ~ hoop dance has saved my life, one way or another.

Hoop dance has given me a focus that I never knew I had. It’s given me a purpose ~ a creative outlet. I love designing for other hoop dancers! And I love designing with my sister. Bonus.

It’s given me a way to exercise, dance, show-off and connect with others in a way that doesn’t (necessarily) require booze and dirty dancehalls.

It raises my confidence, it forces me to be in the moment (great for a brain that wants to hold too much all the time) and it tells me it’s OK if I continually mess up & drop it. Just pick it back up and try again.

Hooping & dance give me the balance I need in my solitary, computer-driven, “mini-screened” life. I know life without dance would be sad indeed.

the cute boot


Meet my new winter boots. They’re called “Bogs”.

Yes, they are labeled as “agricultural boots” but I am a tomboy at heart and like to get dirty every so often. Whilst still being pretty. It’s a chore but I do it somehow.

Initially, I had been looking for boots that were fluffy and seriously leather ~ something like a Mukluk only not as $$$ ~  but I guess mid-February is too late to ask for that. Rubber + neoprene was not my ideal, but after slipping these babies on I started to grow a new fetish. Just call me Rubber Lovah.

And, of course, the print is what really caught my eye ~ daisies aren’t my favorite but I have to say I am really liking the happiness they exude ~ they are growing on me. (pun intended?)

Plus, these boots are:

  • Rated for -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Have traction on the bottom appropriate also for car tires
  • Adhere to my foots with 4-way stretch
  • Have a great bounce factor with vulcanized rubber ~ nice to  dance in, strangely enough
  • Guaranteed to not degrade in contact w/ oils, grime and other crap
  • Have handles! handles!!! Why don’t more boots have handles?!

Yay for pretty functionality! I’m all about it. So far they are really warm and easy to walk in. Can’t wait to trot around in these in the Rocky Mountains next week!

surface pattern inspiration

This pattern (Crooklyn) is adorable and it’s from Kimou Meyer, aka Grotesk. I stared at this for a good portion of the day, while sitting in the sun. It was perfect therapy on a cold day. Whimsical, silly and sardonic, there’s so much in this print to smirk about.

I found it in this book…

Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns by Michael Perry

…which has been a great source of hand-drawn pattern inspiration for me.

I’m bummed Kimou doesn’t have a site up right now, but I thought the pattern was worth a post, since it’s so awesome.

go pack go ~ pretty superbowl brownies


Of course I couldn’t resist making my Superbowl brownies pretty. If I have to watch a football game, I’m going to do it with a little style and cuteness. And, being from Wisconsin, I might as well try to step things up a bit and cheer on the Pack in the best way I know how.

I made this by drawing out my design in the middle of a doily, then cutting it out carefully with an X-acto knife and finally sprinkling on cinnamon (my topping of choice for just about anything. seriously… I put it on everything from grapefruit to coffee to ice cream). I only wish I woulda lifted the doily a little better and not dumped some of the excess back onto the brownies. Oh well, they’ll still be tasty, I’m sure.

Go Packers! Win it!


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