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Peacock Tribe in Mystic Summer

PEACOCK TRIBE is inspired by the grand plumage and sexy strutting of the peacock, naturally. The angles of the eyespots of peacock feathers play a role in mate choice, some believe. A peacock’s train is shed every year and a new fanciful display of feathers grows; so peacock feathers can be collected without any harm […]


Daily Color #156: Feather Mandala

  It is funny how things begin. I woke up this morning with every intention of painting little robust nude ladies but instead felt like painting a mandala. I guess I needed a little spirituality today. Mike is sick, I feel on the edge of it and today called for something hippie and healing. When […]

Diary: Why Do I Love Birds So Much

So I’m doing this fundraiser for parrots. Over the past few months I’ve been thinking a lot about why I want my art to exist. What purpose I want it to serve. Turns out I’ve always really loved birds. My first pet was a blue parakeet named Blueberry. When I was 7 I used to […]