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Daily Color #172: Gardens of Pacifica Hibiscus Floral

Shop This Art at Society6   I’ve decided I need to just start designing stuff for our future beach house. It might be in Pacifica, I don’t know. We do love going there – on average, two times a week! Pacifica State Beach is hugged by hills on either side so it feels really cozy. […]


Daily Color #135: Hibiscus Jungle

Shop This Art   Let us escape into the jungle. There are no mosquitoes (maybe a few really cool-looking harmless spiders that just want to wave at you) and some twittering birds. And of course plenty of intoxicating tropical flowers. – – – – – How to Download & Set // Terms of Use  


Daily Color #112: Hibiscus High

Shop This Art   If there is a high school in Hawaii called “Hibiscus High” I wish they’d make a Netflix series about it. Yesterday I lamented to my husband how we used to watch Magnum P.I. all the time and now we don’t because we’ve run out of episodes. I really miss the Hawaiian […]