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TOUCAN PARADISE Barbarian print #toucan #tropical


Toucans are very social animals and live together in hollows. Toco toucans don’t happen to be endangered, which is cool, because they can live in lots of places. Baby toucans don’t have a big beak when they are born – they grow it as they age – and they are probably super cute. Educational facts! […]


Colorful Fishes

  We love to visit the ocean as much as possible – at least 2 times a week. Our dream is to one day live so close it that we can visit it every day. I imagine the fishes are having a great time down below, swimming in schools, partying it up in the deep […]


Swan Song

  I’ve been listening to Lana Del Ray’s latest Honeymoon on repeat and I love all the songs. They are sad, haunting, filmic, very California and yet can feel light at times. “Swan Song” seems to be speaking to me the most. Last week I learned (on FB of all places) that my high school […]


Daily Color #199: Anchors

  Anchors as a symbol are a cool idea. They make you feel stable, which we as humans all need to a certain degree. What are your anchors? Mine are my husband, my cat, my home, my bed, my family, palm trees and eyeshadow. When I go do crazy things I like to come back […]