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Daily Color #178: Cats and Crinkle Balls

  Today I wanted to practice drawing cats. For someone that is a self-declared catlady and an artist of painting things, I probably should be good at painting cats… this is my thought pattern today. My inspiration is of course my cat, Foo, and her favorite crinkle ball. I did a few pre-sketches at first […]


Daily Color #173: Shark Tribe

  Sharks are often thought as solitary creatures, but actually that’s only a few species. Most are social creatures and can be seen in large schools when migrating and having shark parties, like they do in the Gulf of California. Whoa wouldn’t it be something to see a huge bevy of sharks together? – – […]



What fruit is more badass and recognizable and tasty as a pineapple? I can’t think of one. These fun little pineapples are more decorative than your typical pineapple but that’s the way we like them. — — — — — —   See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric OTHER COLOR […]


Peacock Tribe in Mystic Summer

PEACOCK TRIBE is inspired by the grand plumage and sexy strutting of the peacock, naturally. The angles of the eyespots of peacock feathers play a role in mate choice, some believe. A peacock’s train is shed every year and a new fanciful display of feathers grows; so peacock feathers can be collected without any harm […]