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Daily Color #140: Lucuma Fruit

  I have been really enthusiastic about lucuma lately. A Peruvian fruit, I’d say it has a custardy sweet potato flavor – delicate, creamy and lightly sweet. I’ve only ever had it as a Mitchell’s Ice Cream flavor but would love to try the actual fruit. Now I know what to look out for when […]


Daily Color #137: Cockatoo Canopy

  These cockatoos were a bit of an experiment. Instead of painting the full design like I usually do, I painted the elements separately and put them together in the computer machine. It was fun! Fun and a little agonizing in a good way. I want to get better at creating repeats the newfangled computery […]


Daily Color #130: Wild Pineapples

Shop Art Prints + More at Society6 Shop Pouches + More at Redbubble   I’m back at it after a week off of chilling and adventure. Feels good to play in paint again. These pineapples, along with the big break, helped me get loose and wild and playful. I haven’t done pineapples in a while […]