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Daily Color #108: Point Reyes Oysters

This Sunday is my birthday. To celebrate, Mike and I will be going to the Point Reyes National Seashore, where we’ll see sea birds and hopefully some whales, dolphins and pinnipeds. I want to walk along the cliffy seashore, find a place to plop and do some sketching together. Then we’ll go eat us some […]


Daily Color #107: Death to the Man Bun

Today I am exploring my distaste for man buns. Man buns are having a moment right now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. Maybe they don’t exist in your town, but they sure are here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I seem to have a knee-jerk hateful reaction to them and I’m trying to […]


Daily Color #99: Nature Girls

Some times the impression I get from the world is that you can’t both like fashion/makeup AND also like being an outdoorsy-type lady. Well, eff that noise. I take a makeup kit with me camping and I enjoy putting on a cat eye and eyeshadow even though I might just mess it up on a […]



Shop This Art Art Print | Throw Pillow   Oh my. These tigers make me giggle. Its probably their weird expressions – one looks suspicious, one looks special, one looks snobby. The one in the middle looks very happy to be a tiger. This one is inspired by my own tiny tiger, Foo. At age […]