Inspiration :: Douglas Bicicleta’s Rebel Girls

I’m a surface designer. I put color, pattern and cute characters on just about everything. BUT myself. I have no tattoos. Is that weird? Should I get one? And, what could that possibly be? Being a Gemini, I’m always changing my focus and my taste for things. I’m a variety girl. Is there anything constant in my life that I’d be willing to etch into my skin? Hmmm…

These illustrations from Douglas Bicicleta of Brazil are some sexy rebel lady portraits. I’m in awe of his color palette, and, of course, use of pattern in his drawings.

OK, this is not a girl. It’s a cow. I liked the colors and topographical patterny look.

But this IS a rebel girl. AND a cow. With a tattoo. FTW!


Working on finishing up the pattern for the ladies over at All of Us {r}evolution! Should have the next pattern development steps up for you soon.

I’m also working on a secret project. Shhhh. It’s going to be something super helpful for artsy-types. That is all. :)