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Must Read for Creatives :: Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

This is the a$$-kicking you may need right now. For free! I heard about Do the Work from the lovely Marie Forleo. It’s full of insight on how to push past common creative roadblocks like ummm…naysayers, junk in your mind, comparison. Crap like that. Spoken plainly and with plenty of sass and spunk, Pressfield’s writing […]

Newest Project ~ Pattern for All of Us Revolution

I’m so honored to be working with the ladies of all of us {r}evolution on a pattern for their super-awesome, thoughtful, travel-friendly, revolutionary, eco-friendly, sustainable clothing line. (BIG inhale.) I’m all for tipping world thought upside-down! Shannon and Kristin speak my language ~ adventure, doing what you love, $$$ earned from doing those things you […]