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Daily Color #90: Jean Mary’s Garden

This one’s for my Mom! The best mom a girl could ask for.

Mom you didn’t get my card yesterday and it’s going to be really corny so I’m warning you.

You are an inspiration to me. You’ve always supported me and took notice of my talents. Back when I drew the Garfield that was on my Garfield pencil like a badass. You thought that was sooo cool and amazing. Do you still have that drawing?

Anyway I wish the most happiness for you and support you in your endeavors. Thank you for being you!

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Daily Color #77: Wild Garden

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Aw yeah another crazy colorful garden print. I’m really good at these. My recipe goes like this…

Step one: Pencil in a bunch of round shapes and some leaf shapes in like 2 minutes.
Step two: Add some pink and a dash of red.
Step three: Add some orange!
Step four: Maybe purple?
Step five: Time to add green leaves. Flowers would be nothing without them.
Step six: Add some aqua to the green. Add some green to the aqua.
Step seven: Put in some black and some dotty black things in the center of the flowers.
Step eight: Crap. Add the yellow pollen stuff on the flowers.
Step nine: Add more black so the other 107 colors pop.
Step ten: Go back in and add some wild pencil marks. The end.

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