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This life is colorfuluscious, oh yes indeed. We laugh, we have fun, we don’t get too down on life. Mix the dark with the light. We know that the bad stuff truly can lead to good stuff if we choose not to be victims. (Being a victim IS a choice. Bad stuff happens to everyone […]



Life is complicated, lately mine has been I don’t know whether I’m sitting still or traveling It’s all I can do To remember To keep it simple, stupid And enjoy what I can — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | Fabric      



What’s the good life to you? Everyone’s got their own view Maybe you want to live by the ocean Get your feet all slathered in lotion Feel free, feel fine, feel loved, good vibes It’s all up to you. — — — — — — See More + Shop by Store Society6 | Redbubble | […]



This little floral diddy was produced during the summer of ’16 while I was jamming to Beck’s WOW. Yeah that was only like a few days ago… like RIGHT NOW. WOW. And wouldn’t you know it, somehow these both feel similar. Both sorta pop right in your ear and in your face. In a pleasant […]



Ooo ahhhh. Begonias make me feel fiiiine. Something about their round somewhat floppy and tropical abundance is like yeeesss I can just chill now. Having over 1,795 species, Begonia is a top flowering plant genus. That’s nerdspeak for THERE’S A LOT OF FRIGGIN TYPES OF BEGONIA, YOU GUYS. Abundance! — — — — — — […]