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Vending at a Festival ~ Update

Ouch. What a weekend. We were at a hooping workshop with hoop “celebrity” Brecken Rivara over the weekend. She really kicked our a$$e$ for a total of 8+ hours, split between Saturday & Sunday. Actually, more specifically, my ribs, wrists, legs and arms are feeling a new kind of feel-good “pain”. Check out my post […]

new work ~ disco-inspired cuteness

“last night a hoop saved my life” Here’s my latest work on shirty shirts for hoop dancers. I’m digging the disco vibe, actually. It’s retro and kitsch and glittery and, WELL, just fantastical fun. Without glitter in my life, I think I’d be next to death. This statement is pretty true for me, although melodramatically […]

inspiration ~ Papaya!

I’m in awe of the loveliness of Papaya!  “At PAPAYA! you will find an exciting spectrum of fine lifestyle, stationery, and gift items where urban boho chic meets art as inspiration… Our products are infused with vital imagery that has been the first of its kind in the gift and stationary industry. We are proud […]