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Boston Terrier hooping like a debonair pro


For the Boston Terrier lovers out there, here’s a debonair fella showin’ off his mad mad hooping skillz. Only thing missing is a monocle and  top hat. That just gets in the way of astral projections anyway (…hooping joke not funny to anyone but me).

Not really sure what I’m going to do with this guy. Will he be a limited edition print? A t-shirt? A bag? Nay, I’m afraid I do not know yet.

All I know is that I have to make a 2nd version that looks more like our BT ~ without the full mask that BT’s are known for. Hurrah for the American Gentleman!

San Francisco quick shots

All last week I was away to San Francisco, where the husband partook in the Game Development Conference (that’s what my “nerd” tweets were all about ~ god save the nerds!).

During the day, I worked from the hotel and did the occasional wandering. Below are some shots I took with my iPhone. Cuz that’s really all I use as a camera anymore.


Japanese influence… clockwise ~ I’m feeling a bit “lost in translation”; Yoppi kawaii “wall” yogurt experience; handcrafted sushi from Delicia; large fabric lamp statues in Hotel Nikko


Haight Street… creepy dead things at loved to death, taxidermy/curiosity shop; adorably ridiculous “guard dog” at a salon that everyone was taking photos of so I did too


Alcatraz… left to right ~ me breaking free from this tiny hole of an “apartment”; Mike being silly; Mike being silly again; the Cellhouse, with pretty gardens in front; other shots of Alcatraz island


photo (2)

It was also radsicles to visit with Cindy Ann Ganaden of Blu Penny Blog. She’s a charmer and she shared with me that she only has a few more days left until she takes the plunge into full-time entrepreneurship! Go, grrrrl!

Getting back into the groove of things again. Looking forward to creating creating creating after a refreshing California trip! I have a lot of things in the hopper so best get to movin’. :)