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Mmmmmonterey. I have such fondness for you. For one, your bay is super kickass. I have seen soooo many different types of sea creatures in it – including a whale that was just hanging out right off the pier! For two, some of our friends live there and we like to visit them. For three, […]



As Barbarians, we do things BIG – never tiny. Peacocks symbolize vanity, renewal and a commanding presence. So be gorgeous, keep evolving and learning, and – dammit – show off all these things that you are. Go put a feather in your hair, read that quantum psychics book, and tell the world what yer up […]



To me monkeys represent the Trickster — the one that tells you to stay clever, to enjoy your creativity, to chill the eff out, to laugh at yourself and to throw poo when necessary. (All super great qualities in my book.) To think of life’s challenges as fun little games, not awful curses. — — […]


Daily Color #167: Tribal Snake

Shop This Art at Society6   Coilies. That’s what I call snakes. All because one time I couldn’t think of the word “snake”. This coilie is pretty, isn’t she? If you have a fear of snakes, hopefully she makes you less so. – – – – – *Please note that downloads are for personal use […]