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Daily Color #97: Fancy Skull

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Skulls and feathery things in an ikat fashion. I love cute death.

Funny thing I was thinking while I was painting… See that pretty blueish green in the upper left and right hand side? In my mind I was calling that “breathable blue” – it felt like a bit of a breath of fresh air amongst all the chaos of pink and crazy linework.

When your art gets crazy, try adding breathable blue. Wisdom.

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The Download / Muertos Skull

Muertos Skull by Barbra Ignatiev

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Celebrate not being dead by celebrating the dead. Marigolds pop out the eyes and lush, intricate electric pink + blue foliage say wake the eff up and live!

I’ve always been influenced by Mexican culture.

I practically grew up in a Mexican household. During my elementary school years my best friend was Mexican. I swear I spent more time at her house than my own…

With fresh homemade tortillas constantly being made (if you’ve never had a fresh handmade tortilla with butter and cinnamon sugar, you are missing out) and La Bamba on the tube (I think I watched it more than a dozen times), plus all their bright decor, it felt wonderfully foreign and fun.

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