What I was up to last night ~ Spreenkler & Hipstamatic

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I love fun, impromptu events!

I found myself at a chat with the dudes that created Hipstamatic last night. And I learned something interesting. They’re originally from Milwaukee! How neat! (Now in San Fran. Good choice, boys.)

In case you don’t know what Hipstamatic is, it’s a photo filter app with the added tactile experience of feeling like you actually have an old camera in your hands. It can be purchased for iPhone and also, I imagine, Android. It’s a highly successful app ($$$$) with a huge following. I know a lot of designy-type people like it and no doubt you’ve seen images like the above on blogs around the world wide webs. I’ve been a fan of this app for some time so it was interesting to hear the backstory.

The chat was via Skype and the energy levels were high ~ a relatively big crowd from the tech & creative scene showed up (50 people, perhaps?)

It also gave me a chance to connect with other creatives and also check in with past work & college acquaintances. I’ve been looking to do more networking events and this one ROCKED. I shall be attending these meet-ups frequently, organized by Spreenkler ~ an idea networking group for design, tech & start-ups.

Thanks to Billy Judge Baldus, my rad bro-in-law, for letting me know about the event. (He’s the curly-haired ginger up above there.)

Check back tomorrow for a giveaway!!! It’s all in celebration of my new online home. Woot!

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